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Easter is a time to consider hope. Easter is a time of resurrection, restoration, and hope. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the promises of God and what they mean for our future. Despair becomes hope. An old life gives way to the new. The shadow of death recedes. Around the world Sunday, hundreds of millions of Christians will celebrate their holiday of renewal. But now more than ever, I, believes God has a personal stake in the lives of those who love him. As he sits in church this morning, he may reflect on what he calls his new future, deeper faith and greater capacity to love.

But it is also a time we realize that hope is absent in the lives of so many people. Too hungry, sick, poor, and weary to grasp any form of joy—they are left to struggle through the pain of hopelessness.

This Easter, World Help is bringing restoration to these individuals by meeting their physical and spiritual needs through our unique Gifts of Hope program.

Just in time for the holiday, this program introduce rabbits to their Gifts of Hope catalog! The cute little bunnies and chicks represent traditional Easter symbols, but for impoverished communities around the world, they are also elements of physical and economic strength. Both of these animals are sources of important nutrients for poverty-stricken families, and they easily multiply to yield ongoing benefits, creating ample opportunity to build toward healthier incomes.

Rabbits, chicks, school supplies, medicine, clean water . . . they all make a difference that lasts! And when we work together to provide sustainable means to help meet physical needs, we have a better basis for meeting spiritual needs as well. Whether we heal a child, feed a family, or transform a community, we are able to reflect the very meaning of Easter—sacrifice and unconditional love.

Thankfully, our ultimate hope does not depend on our results. There’s great spiritual freedom in claiming that hope, regardless of our current circumstances. What better time than Easter to remember this reality?




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