Research tells us that one of the most important causal factors associated with happiness and well-being is your meaningful connections with other human beings. For me, my connections with my family have been intermitted by my relationship with others. I want to have the best of both worlds; unfortunately, my dad didn’t always like who I was in a relationship with.  Here is how to form a better connection and achieve happiness through strong relationships.

Utilizing humor is one simple way of inviting others to want to be around you, and thus, helps create new friendships. But, on another “deeper” level, the attitudes and emotions that comprise a typically “humorous” nature like positively, happiness can create meaningful connections to others that have the ability to last a lifetime: happiness and positivity tap into a greater, universal appreciation of life. The pursuit of happiness is a uniquely human characteristic; an unmistakable component of the human psyche and the human soul.

As more time progresses, growing scientific research is developing to corroborate what many men and women over history have long understood: human emotion, behavior, and feelings are contagious.

Relationships create psychological space and safety so that we can explore and learn. When we feel supported, we don’t have to narrow in on survival tasks like responding to danger or finding our next meal. We are able to explore our world, which builds resources for times of stress and adversity.

Characteristics of close relationships:

  • The ability to love and be loved
  • Mutual understanding
  • Caring
  • A source of direct support in times of trouble
  • Celebration of good times
  • Validation of self-worth
  • Security
  • A diversity of ideas and influences that allows us grow and learn
  • Fun

I hope this helps form a more closer bond to people you truly care about.