What do you love the most? For me it’s a soft breeze on a sunny summer’s day, the serenity of a the forest with tall trees and wildflowers, making a difference in someone’s life, brisk Autumn days, sipping coffee in the early morning hours, smiles and laughter, being creative, listening to music, the company and conversation of family and friends, living my life with compassion, kindness and love, these are some of the little things in life that matter most.

It’s a hug from a friend when I am feeling blue, a kiss on the back of the neck from my boyfriend when I least expect it, the look of adoration from my dog. I love the rich greenish, blue, brown color that I see and immediately feel serenity. I love visiting my Mom and Dad and having them tell me some story from their childhood days that they never shared before.  And I love the quiet that settles over my little hilltop home as the sun sets and the stars come out in a blaze of glory to enhance the night sky with their glow.

I firmly believe it is important to take time to enjoy the small things in life. Sit for a minute and breathe. Realize that there is nothing more important than the moment you are currently in. Life will work out as planned. Always take time to enjoy lives little moments and stop focusing on the stresses of life.  

Please let me know what little moment you love the most.