“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”
– Buddha.  Through my struggles in life, I’ve learned to love myself.  I think loving yourself is the most important thing you can do. Here are seven ways to accept yourself for who you are.

  1. Identify and focus on your most positive qualities and skills. It is important to identify and focus on your positive qualities, rather than concentrating on the qualities you feel worst about. By maintaining your positive qualities you can utilize them and achieve goals. Every goal you attain you will feel more self-esteem and love yourself that much more.
  2. Prevent negative thinking. Push aside those negative thoughts about yourself and learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This is where you can learn to be truly happy with yourself.
  3.  There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone has imperfections. Instead of dwelling on the little things you don’t like about yourself, accept them for what they are.
  4. Compliment yourself. Look for something you like about yourself that day and make it routine to tell yourself that something looks good. Once you have this new found self confidence, you will be able to walk into any room and act like you own the place.
  5. Be yourself. It’s important to disregard what others think about you. If you love yourself, no one elses opinion matters. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~e.e. Cummings
  6. Don’t worry about the little things in life. People who run around like their hair is on fire the whole day will never be able to calm down and realize life is passing them by.
  7. Do your best in everyday life struggles and be proud of yourself for your efforts. “Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your friends feel there is something in them. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your won. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.”–Christian D. Larsen

All I ask is don’t forget to love yourself.

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Your Friend,